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Smoke Detectors in Southwest Florida by KDC Electric Maintenance Repair*

Did you know most smoke detectors have an estimated usage life of ten years? Before you experience a problem with the smoke detectors in your home or business, give KDC Electric Maintenance Repair a call at (239) 793-5146.

If you are thinking of selling your home or have just bought a new one, KDC can update your equipment to meet the current code. It is recommended that smoke detectors be replaced unless you know they are new. If you are tired of older, broken smoke detectors that keep going off, and need help keeping them operational, give us a call. They may need cleaning or testing to be sure they are in working order, or may need to be replaced.

KDC Electric offers yearly battery replacement and testing of smoke alarms. We can even add to the reliability of your smoke detector units by including our ten-year batteries, available with the smoke detectors we install. You will sleep better knowing there will be less beeping and alarms. Fire safety is important—right now, 95% of all homes now have at least one detector installed, but 65% of reported home fire deaths happen in homes with either no or a non-working smoke detector.

KDC recommends you test your smoke detectors once a month, include regular cleaning by vacuuming or dusting according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Two Common Types of Smoke Alarms Detect Fire

Did you know there are two common types of smoke alarms in use today that detect when a serious fire is underway? Find out more about each and how they may work for you:

  • Ionization Smoke Detectors
    When smoke enters the smoke detector, it disrupts the flow of ions. This disrupts the flow of electrical current between two charged plates, which activates the alarm. This type of smoke alarm is generally better at detecting flaming fires. For instance, a fire starts in your kitchen waste can from paper. Flaming fires spread quickly and rapidly, engulfing everything in its path. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that 94% of home fires are flaming fires.
  • Photoelectric Smoke Alarms
    When smoke enters the smoke detector, light is reflected onto a light sensor, triggering the alarm. This type of smoke detector is great at detecting smoldering fires, which sometimes burn for hours before bursting into flames. An example is when someone falls asleep with a lit cigarette that falls on the bed or couch. A photoelectric smoke alarm is a must-have for these situations.
  • Combination Detectors/Alarms
    Although most smoke detectors are the ionization type, to ensure the most complete coverage, KDC Electric recommends installing our combo detectors. These provide the most complete protection against all types of fires. If you are looking for the best degree of protection against all types of fires, our combo smoke detectors may be just the solution for your home or business.

*Based on information adapted from the National Fire Protection Association and
the Spokane County Fire District’s web sites, and the Southern Consumers Alliance.