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Surge Protection for Southwest Florida by KDC Electric Maintenance Repair

Electrical storms are a regular part of life in Florida, causing power surges that result in costly damage throughout the community. Lightning strikes can hit power poles, trees, and even animals that make contact with power lines. In addition, the use of electric products within a home or business can be responsible for as much as 60% of power surges generated indoors. Lights, motors for various pumps, refrigerators and microwaves can cause spikes in use.

A power surge, also known as a Transient Voltage Surge (TVS), is a 50 to 500 millisecond voltage drop, which is a very short duration. A voltage spike can be anywhere from 100 to 6,000 volts above normal that enters your home through your panel box and can damage your sensitive electronics. Long-term effects of small power surges will destroy electronics.

Adding surgeassureā„¢ to your home is done in two stages: First, surge arrestors are applied to the incoming electrical, cable/satellite, and telephone utilities to keep external surges from entering your home. This is the primary protection. The second level of protection is done at key locations throughout the home, where additional arrestors are provided to safeguard against residual surges to appliances and other sensitive equipment, and to cover any surges that are generated internally.

You may see that low-cost plug-in power strips may not be adequate against the size of power surges and the type of electronics you need to protect. Make sure you have the proper surge protection by contacting KDC Electric Maintenance Repair at (239) 793-5146.